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IronFX is renowned for being the thought leader and its Strategy Team regularly provides fundamental and technical analysis, interviews and opinions for the world’s most revered television channels. Previous appearances have included Bloomberg, BBC World, CNN, Sky News, Reuters, BNN and CNBC. IronFX and its internationally respected strategists have also featured in The Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Investment Europe and numerous other publications where they provided valuable market insights and a benchmark for industry excellence. Insightful research by the IronFX Research Team gives clients access to the best information and data to make informed trading decisions. Browse our impressive media archive and stay tuned for more updates on this page!


Aviso de risco: Os CFDs são instrumentos complexos e apresentam um elevado risco de perder dinheiro rapidamente devido à alavancagem. 66.79% das contas de investidores individuais perdem dinheiro ao negociar CFDs com este provedor. O cliente deve considerar, se entende como os CFDs funcionam e se pode correr o risco de perder o seu dinheiro.