Comentário Diário  | USD tumbles as trade war tensions rise | 26/08/2019

The USD tumbled against a number of its counterparts on Friday as the US-Sino trade war escalated further. The escalation started as China announced counter-tariffs on imports from the US yet the...

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Comentário Diário  | USD remains steady ahead of Powell’s speech | 23/08/2019

The USD moved in a tight range against a number of other currencies yesterday as the market awaits Fed Chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole. The speech is expected to be of high profile and...

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Comentário Diário  | USD gains on Fed minutes  | 22/08/2019

The USD gained some ground against other currencies yesterday as the Fed’s minutes calmed aggressive expectations for future rate cuts. The minutes showed that the Fed was deeply divided as to...

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Comentário Diário  | USD weaker ahead of Jackson Hole symposium | 21/08/2019

The USD weakened against a number of other currencies yesterday, as the US Index retreated from yesterday’s highs. Analysts tend to note that the USD weakened due to a slipping of the US yields...

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Comentário Diário  | Aussie moved by RBA minutes  | 20/08/2019

During today’s Asian session, RBA released the minutes of its last meeting. The document states that the bank would consider additional policy easing if needed and that it will assess developments...

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Comentário Diário  | Paraísos seguros sob pressão?  | 19/08/2019

• Os analistas tendem a notar recentemente que as moedas portos-seguros podem estar sob pressão, à medida que os mercados esperam que os bancos centrais liberem novos estímulos..

• Tal...

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Comentário Diário  | Dados financeiros dos EUA prosperam | 16/08/2019

• Ontem, os relatórios Núcleo de Vendas de retalho e Vendas no retalho dos EUA saíram muito positivos, superando as expectativas.

• As vendas no retalho aumentaram para + 0,7% mom em...

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Comentário Diário  | Financial markets on selloff after recession fears | 15/08/2019

Yesterday, the European and UK stock markets along with Wall Street posted losses after market participants observed data indicating to a recession. In the US and the UK, the 2 year treasuries...

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Comentário Diário  | Mercados financeiros encontram alívio no anúncio de atraso tarifários:  | 14/08/2019

• Ontem, os EUA anunciaram que vão adiar as tarifas de 10% sobre alguns produtos chineses, incluindo telemóveis e laptops, até meados de dezembro de 2019.

• Segundo relatos, os EUA entraram...

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Comentário Diário  | Oil demand remains weak | 13/08/2019

According to IEA, growth estimates for 2019 and 2020 have been revised downwards. Oil demand has already dropped significantly globally with minor increase by the US, India and China. Production...

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A negociação de produtos com margens envolvem um nível elevado de risco.