Spot Indices & Spot Commodities

Seize the opportunity to tap into a multitude of markets with one of the quickest and most accessible ways, by trading Spot Indices and Commodities.

Gain access to the world’s major economies by trading the current spot value of a number of benchmark indices with no commissions, tight spreads no expirations and low margin requirements.

Grasp the opportunity, spot a stock index opportunity, open a position and expand the variety of your portfolio. Suitable for both short and long-term trading strategies and speculation.

Currency PairMinimum SpreadMargin Requirement (Professional)Margin Requirement (Retail)Trading Hours (Server Time)
Spot Equity Indices
AUS200Cash2502%5%01:00-07:20, 08:20-23:55
Spot Energy Commodities
NameSwap LongSwap Short

[2] The swap value depends mainly on the level of interest rates and the interest of the Company for having an open position during the night. The exchange is automatically converted to the base currency of the trading account of the client. The Company reserves the right to amend the swap values of a specific client in case of any suspect of a trading abuse. The operation is carried out at 23.59 (server time) and may take several minutes.

STP swap value is calculated based on the rates we receive from various LPs plus mark-up and as a result it changes frequently to reflect market conditions. To view Swap values, clients can right click on client terminal market watch and press on Specification.

SymbolNameMinimum Price FluctuationSize of 1 LotValue on 1 Lot per Index pointMinimum Contract SizeMinimum Step for Increasing Contract Size
Spot Equity Indices
US100CashUS Nasdaq100 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 USD11
US30CashUS Dow Jones 30 Spot Index CFD11 X index1 USD11
US500CashUS S&P500 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 USD11
EU50CashEuro Stoxx 50 Spot Index CFD0.11 X index1 EUR11
FRA40CashFrance CAC40 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 EUR11
GER30CashGermany 30 (DAX) Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 EUR11
NETH25CashNetherlands 25 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 EUR11
Spain35CashSpain 35 Spot Index CFD11 X index1 EUR11
Swiss20CashSwiss 20 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 CHF11
UK100CashFTSE 100 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 GBP11
AUS200CashAustralia 200 Spot Index CFD0.011 X index1 AUD11
HK50CashHong Kong 50 Spot Index CFD0.51 X index1 HKD11
JP225CashJapan 225 Spot Index CFD11 X index1 USD11
PORT20CashPortugal 20 Spot Index CFD0.11 X index1 EUR11
SWE30CashSweeden 300.011 X index1 USD11
UK250CashFTSE 250 Spot Index CFD01 X index1 GBP11
Italy40CashItaly 40 Spot Index CFD11 X index1 EUR11
Spot Energy Commodities
BRENTCashBrent Crude Oil Spot0.011,000 Barrels10 USD0.010.01
WTICashWTI Oil Spot0.011,000 Barrels10 USD0.010.01
NAT.GASCashNatural Gas Spot0.00110,000 MMBtu10 USD0.010.01


*Margin requirement on STP accounts is 4% for all Spot Indices & Spot Commodities.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71.60% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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