Daily Commentary | US impose additional tariffs as US-Sino negotiations continue | 10/05/2019

JPY stabilized against the USD yesterday, as some hopes surfaced about the US-Sino negotiations in Washington. US and Chinese officials began two-day talks on Thursday in an effort to prevent any...

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Daily Commentary | Yen strengthens further as trade tensions continue | 09/05/2019

JPY strengthened against most of its counterparts yesterday, as trade tensions between the US and China continue strengthening safe haven assets. The US President stated yesterday that China broke...

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Daily Commentary | RBNZ cuts cash rate and the Kiwi weakens  | 08/05/2019

The Kiwi weakened against the USD, during the Asian session, as RBNZ decided to cut rates by 25 basis points reaching +1.50%. In its accompanying statement the bank cited uncertainty about the...

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Daily Commentary | RBA remains on hold and AUD strengthens  | 07/05/2019

The AUD strengthened against the USD as RBA released its interest rate decision to remain on hold at +1.50%. In its accompanying statement the bank stated that it sees the risks for global trade...

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Week Ahead | Weekly outlook: May 6th to May 10th | USD – US awaits inflation rates for direction | 06/05/2019

Friday May 10th

Inflation rates, 15:30 (GMT+3)

In the American session, we get the US inflation rates for April. The headline rate is forecasted to remain constant at +0...

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Daily Commentary | Trump threatens China with tariff hike | 06/05/2019

Yesterday, US President Trump threatened to hike tariffs on Chinese imports, raising tariffs from 10% to 25%. The US President, mounted pressure on China, as he considered that the US-Sino trade...

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Daily Commentary | Oil traders react to oversupply  | 03/05/2019

Oil prices were down approximately 4% yesterday dropping the most in single day for 2019. Oil traders seemed eager to exit their long positions after EIA data on Wednesday indicated a massive...

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Daily Commentary | Brexit updates and BOE interest rate decision ahead | 02/05/2019

PM May refused to set date as a deadline on Brexit due to previous failures to reach it. This could be an indication that now, they are willing to turn every stone in their way to find the...

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Daily Commentary | US Indices continue to climb and reach new all-time highs | 01/05/2019

The S&P500 continued to move higher on Tuesday surpassing record levels it reached on the previous days. Analysts said the recent all-time highs are due to a largely positive earnings season...

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Daily Commentary | AUD drops on weak Chinese data | 30/04/2019

The AUD weakened during the Asian session today as the Chinese manufacturing activity dropped, disappointing the markets. It should be noted that the drop of manufacturing PMI was also followed by...

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