ORC European Championship

2016 Porto Caras

Sailing team IronFX St Raphael Marina regatta

October 2016

The IronFX Group is the official sponsor of the IronFX Racing Yacht. This continuing sponsorship is highlighting the IronFX Group’s focus to expand its longstanding CSR program by enabling the Group’s strong business ethics to manifest in both providing the globally recognised trading environment and competing in the international sports arena.

The IronFX yacht is a Farr 45 Class yacht designed by Bruce Farr and has a crew of 14, with Nicolas Epiphaniou as Captain and Dimitrios Alevizakis as Tactician.

Striving to support the IronFX Group`s highly settled industry goals, the IronFX Racing Yacht successfully performs in international competitions, putting Cyprus on the world sailing map against other countries with substantial sailing traditions.

IronFX Racing Team recent achievements:


  • 4th place (Corinthian Category)
  • 10th place Overall (including the professional crews)


  • 2nd place (Corinthian Category)
  • 7th place Overall (including the professional crews)


  • Offshore Races: 1st Corinthian and 10th Professional
  • Inshore Races: 5th Corinthian and 14th Professional
  • Combined Races: 5th Corinthian and 14th Professional


True to its core values and with the intention of continuously expanding its longstanding CSR program, the IronFX Group was an official sponsor of the 2019 D-Marin ORC World Championship, which was held between May 31st and June 8th, 2019 in Šibenik, Croatia.

Approximately 1,000 sailors with 150 professional sailing yachts from around the world were divided into three categories and competed out of Marina Mandalina and into the Adriatic in both Inshore and Offshore stages. The event was organised under the auspices of both the ORC and the IRC, the two international offshore rating systems.

Representing Cyprus during the D-Marin 2019 ORC World Championship and after a week of competitive sailing, the IronFX Racing Team won the 4th place in the Corinthian Category, and the 10th place overall (including the professional crews).

The participation of the IronFX Racing Yacht coincides with the long-term partnership between the IronFX Group and the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC).

The IronFX Group would like to congratulate all the teams and athletes for their outstanding performance, and all the volunteers and organisers for carrying out this exceptional event.

Click here to see the final results of the 2019 ORC World Championship 2019.


After 5 days of intense racing action and strong competition, the IronFX Racing Team, representing Cyprus, managed to reach its goal, by winning 2nd place in the ORC European Sailing Championship (Corinthian Class), and 7th place overall including the professional crews. The ORC began on September 8th and finished on September 15th, 2018, in Limassol, Cyprus. The team was pitched against multi-million dollar professional teams and nonetheless has managed to deliver an exceptional result, promoting Cyprus and the sport of sailing in Cyprus.

IronFX not only did participate in the competition, representing Cyprus, but was also the Official Sponsor of the 2018 ORC European Championship, as part of the broker’s long established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. This year’s competition was organized by the Famagusta Nautical Club, the organizers behind Ioannidia, in conjunction with the City of Limassol.

IronFX would like to congratulate all the teams and athletes for their outstanding performance, and all the volunteers and organizers for making this event happen.

Click here to see the list of final results for the 2018 ORC European Championship.


At IronFX we pride ourselves on being excellently different in all of our endeavors, and with focus on innovation and speed, we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) Worlds 2017. Our aim is to share our corporate values with influential partners, who are also constantly striving to be the best.

The ORC Worlds 2017, a high profile event with a unique combination of athleticism, excellence, and entertainment, is being held in the Upper Adriatic and the Gulf of Trieste for the first time. More than 1500 athletes will stay at the regatta venue at Porto San Rocco during the event with two simultaneous regatta course areas planned by the Regatta Committee to guarantee the best racing for the most anticipated sailing event of the year.

Our partnership clearly emphasizes the synergies between the thrill of sailing and forex trading, where preparation and precise execution are the keys to long-term winning.

“We excel ourselves by being at the cutting edge of everything we do. Having our corporate yacht qualifying and participating at the prestigious World Sailing Championship signifies our commitment to remain agile and responsive to client needs whilst continuing our commitment to CSR initiatives relating to education, sports, and general social welfare.”

Chairman & CEO of IronFX Markos Kashiouris.


Legendary union of football supremacy with trading leadership

About IronFX Partnership

FCB Official Partnership 2014 - 2017

IronFX was the official partner of FC Barcelona during the 2014-2017 seasons. We are proud to have joined forces with one of the world's most celebrated and successful football clubs. Our partnership with FC Barcelona embodied our goals of global reach, constant innovation, and excellence, and was a perfect match that evidenced the leadership of our company in the worldwide online trading arena. The FC Barcelona motto ‘Més que un Club’ (More than a Club), epitomizes the philosophy upon which IronFX was founded: fair practices, pioneering attitude, innovation and top quality in every aspect of our operations.

"For a global firm like ours, partnering with one of the most successful football clubs in the world is the perfect match and evidences the leadership of IronFX in the worldwide online trading arena”

Chairman & CEO of IronFX Markos Kashiouris