Daily Commentary | French elections: Round 1 | 21/04/2017

• On Sunday, French citizens are called to elect their government leader, but the final outcome is unlikely to be sealed on that day. According to the opinion polls, there is no candidate gaining...

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Daily Commentary | New Zealand’s inflation accelerates above the RBNZ’s target midpoint | 20/04/2017

• Overnight, New Zealand’s CPI rate for Q1 surged to +2.2% yoy from +1.3% in Q4. This was the first time in 5 years inflation propped above the midpoint of the RBNZ’s inflation target range of 1-3...

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Daily Commentary | UK Prime Minister calls for a snap election | 19/04/2017

• Yesterday, in a surprise for the markets move, British PM Theresa May announced that she will seek an early election on June 8th in order to strengthen her hand going into the UK-EU divorce...

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Daily Commentary | RBA minutes reflect the meeting statement | 18/04/2017

• Overnight, the Reserve Bank of Australia released the minutes from its latest policy meeting. The minutes reflected more or less the meeting statement, highlighting the softness in labor market...

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Daily Commentary | Erdogan declares referendum victory | 18/04/2017

• On Sunday, Turkish people voted “yes” in a referendum asking on whether to turn Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential republic. The referendum approval grants President Erdogan sweeping...

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